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Benefits of membership

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To be accepted as a member of NCPP, applicants must be a member of a public opinion polling organization and adhere to the organization's mission to help educate journalists on the use of public opinion polls and NCPP's Principles of Disclosure.

Founded in 1969, the purpose of the National Council on Public Polls (NCPP) is to assist journalists, and through them, the general public, in the understanding, interpreting and reporting of polls.

Its member organizations subscribe to recognized standards of professional ethics and practice in the conduct and reporting of polls, and are encouraged to share and comment on current issues related to the field.

The NCPP publishes papers and sponsors conferences and forums on current polling issues. Members are encouraged to participate in dialog and debate in order to promote best practices on the part of the polling community and assist journalists in effectively disseminating data originating from such polls.

Journalists are actively encouraged to query the organization to better understand public opinion industry practices and to keep better informed on trends and issues within the field.

Recently, NCPP established a Polling Review Board (PRB) for the express purpose of monitoring the conduct and reporting and issuing clarifying comments when appropriate. Also, the three members of the PRB will serve as a reference for journalists with questions about any specific survey questions, survey techniques or poll reporting. We invite questions for both journalists and the general public.

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